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Wall Linings

Ultraframe Wall Lining System

Ultraframe Wall Lining is a completely dry system for lining walls with gypsum board. It is a simple, quick and cost-effective system suitable for many internal applications. TM As a wall lining LaGyp Ultraframe Wall Lining is fixed directly to the existing background, allowing a cavity width between wall and gypsum board ranging from 30mm to 100mm. The system can therefore be used for all common lining applications:

To allow for hidden services
To provide high levels of thermal performance
To provide high levels of acoustic performance
To level out uneven substrates
Can be fixed to wide range of backgrounds.


The system selected will depend on wall lining height and performance required for fire resistance and sound insulation.

Various Wall Linings Systems Available


1) Ultraframe Wall Lining System


Ultrframe Wall Linings are used to correct more severe irregularities in dry masonry substrates. This system is typically used in commercial projects as it is fast to install and can easily accommodate electrical services and pipes. It also offers particular benefits in refurbishment projects where walls are out of alignment.

This system can also allow air movement within the cavity and so minimises the risk of damp penetration.


2) Independent Wall Lining system


Independent Wall Lining system is especially suited to lining reinforced concrete walls and steel framed walls. Fixed clear of the external wall, it allows space for services, or for high levels of thermal and acoustic insulation. It may also be used where the external wall has suffered damp ingress, but then treated with appropriate damp proofing systems.


3) Direct bonding

Direct bonding of gypsum board provides a fast, efficient means of lining masonry substrate with minor irregularities and offers a dry solution calling for skills more easily acquired than traditional plastering. Ideal for use in house building, and smaller projects. With more than 30 years of use as a system in the UK it continues to provide a highly cost-effective means of lining masonry walls and complying with UK Building Regulations.

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