We were established in 1995 and since then we are engaged in providing products & services for false ceilings & furnishings of commercial & residential buildings. We promise to deliver latest concepts and products to meet the ever growing demand of customers. At our all the offices & godowns.....

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Technical Details

TECHNICAL PROPOSAL For Standard Partition & False ceiling Systems


Section 1 : Scope


Gypsum Boards

Scope : We propose to supply and install the required Good Quality metal sections and Gypsum Boards with required supporting accessories like Jointing compound,  Screws,  Jointing  tapes for  Standard  Partition & False Ceiling Systems

Building Usage: Campus


Section2 : Details of Proposed Concealed False Ceiling Systems


Architectural Specifications:

Main Channel

Ceiling Section

Connecting clips

 Perimeter channel

"L" angle


Fiber Tape/Paper Tape


Providing and laying false ceiling with 1 layer of Gypsum Boards at all heights and levels. Standard board size 1220mmx1830mm and thickness 8mm, Gypsum board to be laid on metal sections,

Main Channel (web 43mm and Flange 15mm and Length 12’) to be use as “Main Channel” as well as

Ceiling Section (web 48mm, Flange 25mm and Curve 11mm and Length 12’) to be used as”Cross Channel” at a distance of 1200mm x 600mm,

Using Connecting Clips

Perimeter channel (web 25mm and Flange 25mm/15mm and Length 12’ length) and

"L" angle (web 20mm, Flange 20mm, Length 8’) to be hang from the concrete slab as appropriate.  Finally the boards are to be jointed and finished so as to have a flush look which includes filling and finishing the tapered and square edges of the boards with jointing compound,

Fiber Tape/Paper Tape Complete in all respects.


Metal Section Assembly steps of False Ceiling Systems :

Perimeter Channel

Soffit Cleats

Nut Bolt


Main Channel


Head Screws

Connecting Clip  



Fix Perimeter channel    to wall and around columns etc, with the help of nylon sleeves & screws making allowances in the ceiling height for1 layer of Hilux board. 


Fix soffit cleats  to the structural soffit, with the help of 1” Nut Bolt  and connect Metal "L" angle  with it.


Fix “L” angle  to the Main Channel   with 2 self tapping Black Phosphated 25mm pan head screws.


Fix Main Channel  (to use as main channel) with Ceiling Section (to be use as Cross channel) with the help of standard connecting clip   .


Section 3 : Details of proposed Metal Framed Partition (Single Layer Hilux Board)


Galvanized steel studs




Calcuim Silicate metal framed Partitions are assembled at site, using Calcium Silicate Boards, screw fixed to either side of light weight cold rolled galvanized steel studs, which are placed vertically into the floor and ceiling channel, at 610 mm centers and are suitable for any type of decoration after filling and finishing of the joints.

The System provides good fire resistance, sound and thermal insulation properties. The System has in-built provisions for concealed electrical & plumbing services because of cut-outs made in the web of studs.

These Partitions can be erected in high humid areas and under humid conditions. The light weight metal sections in Partitions make it cost effective and contribute towards savings on structural costs.

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