We were established in 1995 and since then we are engaged in providing products & services for false ceilings & furnishings of commercial & residential buildings. We promise to deliver latest concepts and products to meet the ever growing demand of customers. At our all the offices & godowns.....

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Metal Ceilings

High quality smooth appearance.
A wide range of perforations are possible.

Metal Ceilings with a high quality smooth appearance. A wide range of perforations are possible. Armstrong specialises in the development, manufacture and international sales and marketing of metal ceilings. We offer a selected range of standard metal ceiling panel types and systems that cover most general metal ceiling requirements while delivering high quality specialised and custom solutions at a cost effective price.

Whatever your requirements, we will endeavour to integrate your lighting, air conditioning, acoustic, information technology and fire protection needs into one harmonious metal ceiling solution.


Two Way Metal Systems


1) Lay- In

The simplicity of Lay-In ceiling systems is the key to their popularity. The panels are easily lifted out of the grid by hand, allowing full access to the ceiling void. Installing on 24mm tee grid is the Vector Ceiling Panel, which achieves a semi concealed appearance and downward demountability.


2) Axal Vector

The Vector Ceiling Panel installs on 24mm tee grid, which achieves a semi concealed appearance and downward demountability. For a more up market visual, the MicroLook Tegular S15 panel is designed to be installed in the Armstrong Suprafine 15mm Tee system.


One Way and Concealed Metal Planks Systems



Metalworks Plank System offers a fully accessible and contemporary ceiling solution for large areas. It can easily be adapted to suit building layouts and unique aesthetical requirements.


  • Install with minimum plenum clearance
  • Both panel sides are produced from fully hot dipped galvanized steel or aluminium which provides a smooth and durable finish.
  • Available in polyester pre-coated baked paint or a selection of powder coated finishes

2) Clip - In

Clip-In is a popular choice for specifiers requiring a concealed grid metal ceiling. The refined 3mm bevel or traditional 5mm bevel bring a monolithic appearance to the ceiling design. The panels are secured into position by simply “clipping” them into the suspension grid. Clip-In panels are downward demountable by use of an extractor tool and provide full access to the plenum.


3) Clip-in swing down ceilings

To complement our Clip-in 3mm range we offer a Swing-Down option. Swing-Down tiles are particularly useful in situations where regular access to the ceiling plenum is required. As with standard Clip-in, Clip-in Swing-Down tiles are downwardly demountable with additional benefit of being retained within the grid in a vertical position.

Offers benefits such as

  • Plain, monolithic surface
  • Minimum plenum clearance
  • Easy to clean
  • Swing-Down option for easy access
  • Can be used with regular Clip-in tiles
  • Choice of Aluminium and Galvanised Steel
  • Special Tile Removal tool to facilitate easy access during maintenance

Application Areas:

  • Corridors
  • Hospitals
  • Below service utilities
  • Transportation nodes.

Speciality Systems


1) Mesh Ceilings

Mesh Ceilings generate a contemporary feel of open space with simple flexible design options. Lay in Mesh ceiling panels are available in two primary patterns, and finished in Global White or Satin White to match standard Armstrong grid systems (custom colours and mesh designs also available upon request). Armstrong Mesh Ceilings are produced from galvanised mild steel, however also available stainless steel for a contemporary finish.


2) Open Cell

Open Cell Ceiling Systems offer decorative, durable and functional design solutions for open ceilings. Available in 4 design options, Armstrong Open Cell panels simply install in a standard 1200x600 or 600x600 Suprafine 14mm grid system, which provides full access to services in the plenum.


3) S-Curved Ceilings

S-Curved ceiling options are available in plain and perforated options to create signature spaces. Use perforated panels to combine functionality with aesthetics.

With benefits such as

  • Ease of installation
  • Superior aesthetics and
  • Easy installation and removal without tools
  • Rust-free performance,

S-Curved ceilings are ideal for

  • Corridors
  • Private offices
  • Lobbies
  • Retail and
  • Accent areas

3) Concave Convex ceilings

Curved ceilings are available in convex and concave shaped patterns, with a variety of perforation options for acoustics, three different colour options and no visible grid for unique design solutions.

With benefits such as

  • Ease of installation
  • Superior aesthetics
  • Easy to install and remove without tools
  • Rust-free performance,

Convex and concave ceilings are ideal for

  • Modern work spaces
  • Break out zones in offices
  • Clean rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Hospitals and Transportation
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