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Gypsum Standard Partitions

Ultraframe Partitions

Metal stud partitioning is an economical friction-fit system used for the assembly of frames for non- loadbearing partitions. The unique design of the components ensures high strength with easy installation.Partitions are suitable for domestic and commercial use. They are strong high performance systems which are:

Cost effective
Able to achieve high levels of fire resistance, acoustic and thermal insulation.


The selection of C Stud size, and the type, number and thickness of gypsum board layers will depend on the partition height and the performance required for fire resistance and sound insulation.


Various Partition Systems Available


1) Ultraframe Partition System

Ultraframe Partition System allow guaranteed performance to be achieved across a broad range of domestic, commercial and industrial applications. These systems provide a cost-effective, versatile approach to the assembly of non-loadbearing partitions.


2) Ultraframe Twinframe Partition System

Ultraframe Twinframe Partition System offer a number of advantages over heavy masonry construction. They are lightweight, quick to construct, cost-effective, compact and offer high levels of fire resistance and acoustic insulation.


3) Ultraframe Resilient Bar Partition System

Use of Ultraframe Resilient Bar Partition improves the acoustic performance of partitions with little increase in width or weight. LaGyp Resilient Bars are fixed to one side of the stud partition prior to facing with gypsum board.


4) Curved Partitions

Smooth curved partitions are easily created using C Studs together with Flex Channel and gypsum boards.

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