We were established in 1995 and since then we are engaged in providing products & services for false ceilings & furnishings of commercial & residential buildings. We promise to deliver latest concepts and products to meet the ever growing demand of customers. At our all the offices & godowns.....

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Ceiling Panels

Gypsum Ceiling

India Gypsum Ceiling presents a versatile range of flush, seamless and modular lay-in-grid suspended ceiling for a wide variety of interiors.Performance

  • Fire Protection :
  • Gypboard ceiling linings provide effective protection against fire, because of their unique, non-combustible Gypsum core, which contains water in a crystalline form. When dissipates the heat and prevents the spread of fire.

  • Sound Insulation :
  • Being a non-resonant material, Gypboard has sound insulation properties.To achieve optinum sound insulation, it is important that the ceiling is made airtight.

  • Thermal Insulation :
  • Gypboard is a relatively lightweight material and has a low thermal capacity.


Armstrong Ceilings

Browse all Armstrong flooring styles, including hardwood flooring - from Bruce, Armstrong, and Robbins, laminate Ceiling - from Armstrong and Bruce, ceramic tile, vinyl sheet, vinyl tile and linoleum. Get installation and Ceiling care information online. For every personality there is an Armstrong Ceiling.PVC Flooring - Armstrong Ceiling - Mineral TexturesPrima Cirrus

  • Cirrus tiles have a warm, smooth texture and offer good sound absorption

Prima Dune Premier 99

  • In keeping with contemporary trends, Dune Premier 99 offers a crisp, finely granulated surface with virtually invisible microperforations. Therefore, a good sound absorption is achieved when the ceiling is installed.

Prima Plain

  • The smooth white surface of Plain maximizes light reflectance for rooms featuring uplighters and indirect lighting, resulting in cost savings and increased levels of comfort.

Prima Casa

  • Casa features a microperforated surface offering both a contemporary ceiling design and good acoustical performance.

Prima Fine Fissured

  • The Fine Fissured surface is designed for effective sound absorption. The SecondLook option allows the supporting suspension system to be integrated into the ceiling pattern.

Prima Adria

  • Lightly textured with microperforations, Adria provides a “smooth” decorative ceiling with good sound absorption. A monolithic type appearance is achieved and the white surface enhanced when the unperforated K4C4 version is used.

Prima Planks

  • Modern commercial construction often has a requirement to reflect the buildings module into the ceiling design, allowing flexible segmentation of the interior. Armstrong’s range of planks provide a solution to this demand, as well as being very suitable for use in corridors Different sizes and surfaces available upon request.

Also available : Ultima Planks

Prima Tatra, Cortega

  • Tatra features a fissured surface and a sound absorbing composition. It is available with edge details suitable for used on 24 mm exposed grid.
    Cortega multi-directional fissured products are available with edge details designed for installation on 24 mm exposed grid systems.

Ceiling Solution

We provide a gamut of attractive ceilings for our clients. We provide false ceiling solutions as well as ceiling solutions for hot & cold insulation. The various kinds of ceiling solutions being provided are:

  • Linear Ceiling Solutions
  • Lay-In-Tile Ceiling Solutions
  • Clip-In-Tile Ceiling Solution
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